The core group involved has multiple skill sets and can cover most aspects of production. The team owns most of the gear needed for principle photography, and has everything needed for post. Many have worked together on past productions, with a good feel for each other. This will not be a traditional film set.  Above and below the lines will be blurred.  The crew will work hard, with one common goal, to make a great movie.

The script is high concept yet easy to shoot with the fast-paced and visual tone of the film. The story is contained, with a small cast, no stunts, no complex special effects, no extras, and easily controllable locations.

Shooting will be kept straight-forward with minimal lighting set ups and five to fifteen pages shot per day.  Night of the Alien has an exceptionally talented group of actors and crew who will execute this project with style and efficiency. This is a project of passion, dedication, and love for all those involved.

It’s got guns, rock and roll, strippers, wiccans, weed, an Alien, conspiracy theories, Renaissance Fair goers, medieval fighting, a kitty cat, tropical fish, uppers, downers, Drag Queens, keystone cola, peace, love, and the potential destruction of Earth.  A true indie, resonant of the likes Jarmusch and Waters, with the sweet optimism of Wes Anderson.

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Night of the Alien is a film you've always wanted to see made even if you haven't quite realized it yet. . . . . just give our hypnotic suggestions team a few more minutes and you will get there. . . . .  There now?   Good.   Thought so.

In all seriousness, Night of the Alien is your story.  It is all of our stories--the love, loss, isolation, and joy of everyone's journey in life.  It is a film that will resonate and it is a film that has never yet been made. . .and it need to.

Our cast and crew will work long and hard to give the film the best chance possible to succeed.  Our goal is to make a great film for all to enjoy, not to earn fat paychecks. The costs for making this film are extremely low, compared to a "typical" Hollywood style production and the film will rely on donations to cover these production costs.  Your donation will enable us to make the best film possible, artistically.  Thank you.     

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